Oceans of Energy – Neutral Bay

Massage in Neural Bay

I have been a natural therapist for 15 years, specialising as a naturopath and remedial massage therapist, learning all of the modalities below, to be able to offer my clients the best naturopathic advice, attending to the body, mind and spirit…

Most conditions that my clients have, can be as diverse as high blood pressure, those wanting to come off anti-depressants, unexplained infertility, hormonal imbalance, failure to lose weight (through dieting), feelings of anxiety and depression, and many people ‘just don’t feel right’. By addressing some basic deficiencies, you can feel much better and more grounded, within weeks.

I believe passionately in the use of the blood typing system. By eating correctly for your blood type, many ailments can disappear: asthma, excema, psoriasis, dermatitis, sinus, depression and anxiety. Gut problems also can disappear: reflux, indigestion, constipation and diarrhoea,cramping, flatulence, bloating.


Remedial Massage in Neural Bay:

Remedial Massage is a holistic treatment and involves the use of massage and a wide range of diagnostic techniques to treat a condition.

Deep Tissue Massage in Neural Bay:

Working on a specific muscle or muscle group, deep tissue massage enables the practitioner to access deeper layers of soft tissue. By starting superficially, then easing into the depth of the muscle slowly, often allows for more movement.This also allows for the body’s own sedatory chemicals to anaethetise the area, allowing the practitioner to then access deeper areas.

If pressure is applied too deeply or quickly, the muscle may tighten to protect the area, resulting in unnecessary damage or inflammation can be induced. Ice treatment may then be necessary.

Oceans of Energy is a naturopathic health and wellness centre, offering live blood screening, bio impedance analysis, salivary hormone testing, hair, tissue and mineral analysis, pathology testing,iridology, remedial,sports,pregnancy massage,facials.

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