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At Ka Huna Australia We are committed to offering the highest quality services and products to our clients. All of our practitioners and fully trained in the the craft of Ka Huna and and are committed to the work it is that they do.

Ka Huna Australia prides itself on ensuring that the highest quality is achieved and passed on to its clients. Ka Huna Australia, will only sell the highest quality products and takes time to review the quality, value for money and durability prior to making any product available.

We believe that its always better to be safe, sure & confident prior to selling anything to our customers.

Ka Huna Massage 1 Hour – (1 Practitioner) 1 1/2 Hour – (1 Practitioner) 2 Hour – (1 Practitioner)

Swedish Massage 1 Hour – (1 Practitioner) 1 1/2 Hour – (1 Practitioner)

Aromatherapy Massage 1 Hour – (1 Practitioner) 1 1/2 Hour – (1 Practitioner) Breath work session 1 Hour (1 Practitioner)

Shamanic Healing session 1 1/2 Hour (1 Practitioner)

Reiki Healing session

Huna is a Hawaiian word first used in 1936 to describe the secret science behind the miracles that ancient Hawaiian Ka Huna (experts) performed. Huna is a powerful and transformational system of practices, teachings, philosophies, energy work and more. It's a craft to be learned and not a religion to be followed. Ka Huna massage is a whole body massage like no other. It is gentle but also deep flowing form of massage that will relax, revitalise, and revive you.

At its heart, Ka Huna connects mind body and spirit. These three aspects to humans are linked, and through our neglect of any or all of them in daily 20th Century life, we often disconnect them. Ka Huna massage is a starting point to help reconnect and balance the three so you become more aware of all that you are.

Ka Huna originated in the Hawaiian Islands where, for thousands of years before the arrival of the missionaries, adolescents took part in it as a rite of passage. Ka Huna's (wise spiritual teachers) would perform massage and healing on them until their spiritual, creative, emotional and physical energies were fully integrated and aligned. This meant that the young people became happier, healthier adults. Massage was an important part of daily life in Polynesia. Families massaged each other every day to maintain balance of body mind and spirit.

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