Thailand: A healing journey

We came across a great project about a movie that combines massage therapy with an impactful story. Thailand: A healing journey. The team is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter (a great website about new ideas and start up projects). is backing this project … and maybe there are a few therapists or customers out there who also want to see the finished project.

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Information and pictures are from Kickstarter:

For some time now, I have wanted to do a documentary film that combines massage therapy with an impactful story. Sitting down with Thai massage and yoga instructor Sunny Klaber and hearing her plans to start the ZIA Project, which will give economically disadvantaged communities access to bodywork education, I felt I had found the documentary I was looking for.

Sunny will begin her project this February, 2012, on the Andaman Coast in Southern Thailand, an area she knows well, and has been active with since it was affected by the Tsunami in 2004. She has lead numerous educational trips all over the world including many trips to Thailand, focusing on Thai massage and yoga. I will be traveling with Sunny to Thailand to film the project and the money I raise here will help cover production expenses. Please consider contributing to this film’s success.

Working Title: Thailand: A Healing Journey

Producer: Adam Taub/Horizon Line Documentary. Horizon Line is a production company founded by Adam Taub that emphasizes documentary film. Horizon Line’s mission statement is  ”To sensitively tell insightful stories on a broad range of topics.” Adam has recently finished the documentary film’s “La Quinceañera” and “The Duke of Bachata” that screened at numerous film festivals and are now released.

Thailand Massage Movie

The Story: Production will begin following Sunny Klaber and a dozen women, all tsunami survivors from local Muslim, Buddhist and Moken villages, who will come together on the tiny island of Koh Phra Thong to spend a week learning Thai Yoga Massage. For the last several years these women’s lives have been consumed by rebuilding their villages and making sure that their family’s basic needs have been met. Now they are ready for an opportunity to heal themselves and their community on a deep level.

Following the initial week, two of these women will be identified as leaders in the group, and have been offered scholarships to participate in a three week Thai Yoga Massage journey that will include participants from around the world. During this journey, the women will have an opportunity to expand their knowledge and gain experience that will be helpful when they attempt to take their new found skills back to there communities. During this phase of thestory we will also begin following the stories of a number of the international participants. We will explore their process of learning, cultural exchange, challenges and growth.

Yoga & Massage in Thailand

When the local women have developed the skills necessary to safely and confidently practice Thai Yoga Massage, they will be assisted professionally and financially in launching a Thai Yoga Massage business that will successfully meet the needs of their communities. As part of their professional development they will become mentors and pass on their knowledge to the other women in their community who are interested in joining them on this path.

Our film will follow these women throughout this healing journey, from their initial week together to the weeks following as they bring their experience back to heal their communities and attempt to start sustainable businesses.

Target release date: Production will take place during 2012 and the release goal is the middle of 2013.

Hypothesis: I intend to follow the ups and downs of running an healing arts educational program for economically disadvantaged communities. I believe it is a perfect opportunity to explore people’s stories on a deep level and explore their personal and community healing processes. The film is also a vehicle to explore the healing power of bodywork, the aftermath of the tsunami, Thai culture, diverse spiritual paths, women’s empowerment, sustainable tourism and micro enterprise.

Directors statement: Before I began making documentary films I was a massage therapist and have wanted to combine the power of story and bodywork for a number of years now. Bodywork’s ability to stimulate change and break down walls provides an opportunity to share and hear stories on a deeper level. I believe in the power of people’s stories and lives and have completed 3 previous films entitled “La Quinceañera,” “Don Angelo,” and “The Duke of Bachata.” Those involved in the Zia Project have granted me access to their story and I feel honored to be sharing in their journey.

Go to kickstarter and back this project. 


Thai Massage Movie

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