Health and Fitness in 10 seconds … best advice you can get get!

A lot of people in Australia read fitness books, watch healthy lifestyle TV shows, join expensive gyms or buy expensive weight loss pills. But usually it is very often common sense that is necessary to achieve your goals.

Here is some very quick but effective advice – there is no way to cheat:

  • You want to lose weight. –> Easy. Just eat less and move more.
  • You also want to be healthy. –> Also very simple. Eat less crap and more real food.
  • You want abs. –> Eat VERY clean and lift heavy.
  • You want to build muscle and get bigger.  –> Lift heavy, eat enough protein, and increase your calorie intake.
  • I want results. –> Track everything. You only get results when you do something.
  • Do you need a gym membership? –> No.
  •  You don’t have time to work out. –> Yes, you do.
  •  You don’t like eating some healthy food. –> Don’t eat it. There will be some healthy food you like.
  •  You don’t know what is healthy? –> I don’t believe you. You know exactly what is healthy you are just too lazy.
  • You don’t like a specific physical activity. –> Then don’t do it.
  •  You do enjoy a specific physical activity. –> Great, do more of that.
  •  Should I take supplement? –> No. Usually there is no reason for it. Spend the money on better food.
  •  It hurts when I do a specific exercise. –> Fix your form or do a different exercise that works the same muscles.

You can’t buy fitness or a healthy lifestyle … save your money … exercise more, change your eating habits … get fit. You know all this.

You know what is necessary. You just need to do it.

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