FAQ – How do I list my massage clinic?

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It is very easy to get a listing on massage places.com.au as a therapist or a massage clinic. It takes 5-10 minutes and gives you great exposure on google and other search engines. Our website itself will generate you a few new customers as we are very specifically targeting the massage market. There are a lot of different directories on the market – we know. Most of them are very generic – for that reason we created massageplaces.com.au – the online niche directory for massage.

What do you need to list you clinic?

We keep it simple.  You must offer professional massage services in Australia. Strictly no sexual services. That’s it!

You will just need an account on massageplaces.com.au. This account will be automatically created when you add your listing.

You just click here to add a listing and follow the process.We also have a page setup to describe the process STEP BY STEP.

After you entered all your details you will get to the review page and payment page (Paypal). Don’t worry when your pictures are not in the correct order or are not looking that great (see below). You can fix them up later.

After finishing the process you will receive an email with your password. After a short review period between 1 and 3 days your listing will appear on your website.

What subscription packages do you offer?

We offer a basic listing and a featured listing.

The featured listing will appear higher in the search results, you get customised optimisation for your page and you can publish 2 featured articles.
The premium listing will include a own website for your clinic – product not available yet.

I have more locations – can I list two clinics?

You can have as many listings as you want. Each location will need its own listing. Make sure you are logged in and just create a new listing. Please contact us for a special pricing when you want to list more clinics.

Massage Melbourne, Relaxation Directory

My clinic is already listed on massageplaces.com.au.

Great …  When you want to change, delete or upgrade you listing you can claim your listing and we will assign it to your account. Please register an account with your massage clinic email  (as proof – this email should be mentioned somewhere on your website) and we will give you access to your listing.

You are missing a modality in our categories?

Write us an email to web@massageplaces.com.au to add a new modality. We will only add massage modalities at the moment. We also have a few natural therapies listed on our website as many clinics also offer these services. When you think we should add another natural therapy let us know.

Massage Directory Sydney

How can I optimise my listing on massageplaces.com.au?

You want to get found on the web? Of course. So here are some tips how to enter the information for your listing on massageplaces.com.au

  1. Make sure you write new text – don’t copy or us standard paragraphs. Make the text as unique as possible. 
  2. Make sure you upload at least 3 great pictures (clients love pictures to get an impression where they will go)
  3. Make sure you write all modalities you offer in the text. No not only in the keywords or in the category selection – write about them. It will give you far more search exposure.
  4. Make sure your text is at least 300-500 words long. We do not have a minimum or maximum requirement but we highly suggest that you stick to this rule … it is the prefect size what people like to read and don’t feel overwhelmed.
  5. Write some text in bold and use your suburb a few times in the text together with the modality … this is very important !!! As people love to search by suburb … get more local exposure in your suburb. Example: Pregnancy Massage Melbourne  or Remedial Massage Sydney or Hot Stone Massage Richmond.
  6. Make sure you fill out all the fields … telephone, time, website, email,

How can I link to my website?

When you have a own website make sure you put this information in massageplaces.com.au. We added an extra field to display the link to your website. Please enter it in the format “http://www.yourwebsite.com.au”.

I do not have a massage website

A own website is not necessary to list on massageplaces.com.au. We still highly recommend to create a own professional website to give your potential clients more information. But do not worry … a listing on massageplaces.com.au will give you already a lot of online exposure.

We will soon offer great looking websites:

  • easy to maintain by yourself (setup with our help)
  • hundreds of nice templates (your site can be as unique as you want it to be)
  • highly ranked in google
  • linked to your massageplaces.com.au account (taking advantage of the google ranking of massageplaces.com.au)
  • optional own domain name
  • maintenance and backup
  • state of the art – technology to be integrated with your website (such things as Facebook integration, picture sliders, google maps, contact forms)
  • included traffic and web storage

My uploaded pictures look not that great. What can I do?

Pictures are very important for your listing. Some people love looking at the pictures and do not read a lot of the text. The pictures are the first impression – so make sure they look great.

We recommend that you upload pictures in the format of  580 x 480 pixels. When you upload different sizes the pictures might get distorted.

Here is an example of that size – yep it is big !!! We want that you have nice pictures for your listing.

Massage Template Listing Picture

Still have problems uploading nice pictures. Don’t worry. We are here to help. Just send us your pictures to web@massageplaces.com.au and a link to your listing and we make sure your pictures will look great.

What else can I do to get more exposure on massageplaces.com.au

There three more things you can do:

1. Articles, Blog and news written by your staff

Just write a little massage related article (not copied, no wikipedia) and we will put this in our blog.Also topics around health, fitness, lifestyle and other topics which relate to our website are more than welcome. FREE for all of our members. This offer is available until further notice.

Massage news for australia, melbourne, sydney, perth, adelaide - Write an article

Of course we put in a link to your massage places.com.au listing and even to your website. Just send us your article to web@massageplaces.com.au and we will publish it in the next 2-4 weeks.

2. Naturalclub.com.au

Make sure you also register on our partner site www.naturalclub.com.au – the massage community and contribute to the discussions there. We will offer some nice incentives for the most active users and you always are in touch with other therapists and people interested in natural therapies.

3. Facebook

Make sure you like our massage Facebook page and comment there. You can put in a link to your article you wrote (see 1.) or some other quick information which is worth sharing with our community (Fair use policy applies … do not spam us).Massage Australia Directory on Facebook - massageplaces.com.au

4. Banner ads on our page

We have a few spots on our page where we can put banner ads. More information about the spots available and pricing will be published soon. In the meantime just contact us web@massageplaces.com.au.

5. Get a featured listing

When you have a basic listing on massageplaces.com.au consider upgrading to a featured or even premium listing.

 How do I renew or cancel my listing?

When you want to cancel your listing (any fees paid in advance can not be refunded) just write us an email.
At the moment we only offer yearly subscription plans. We will inform you about your renewal options a few days before your listing expires.

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