Listing manual for new users – Step by step process

We want to give you a quick run-through how to list you clinic on It is an easy process and done fairly quick. This manual looks longer than it is as we tried to cover every possible question.

1. Where to list?

First of all you need to select in our menu “Add Listing” .  Click here to get to this page.

Usually when you list your first clinic you will not have a user account. So just select “New User? Register Now”.  The field for the login and password will disappear as we will create a new one for you.

When you have already a user account and are not logged in please enter your login information.

User selection


You then select “Add listing”:


2. You clinic name and address

Type in your listing title. This should be your massage clinic name and we suggest also to enter also your suburb to get easier found on the web.

You also can enter your address, so that people know where you are located. In case you do not want to enter your full address you can opt to only enter the suburb and postcode. This ensures that you get still found when your potential clients search by location and you will get a flag on the map.

massage clinic name and address


After you pushed the button “Set address on map” your pin marker will appear on the map. You can manually drag and drop it if the location is not correct You can also enter the latitude and longitude if you want … but usually the system does that automatically for you.

Make sure you also select the closest capital city (Select city) to get listed in the correct area.


geo code your massage clinic


3. Massage clinic information and special offers

Now it is time to sell yourself. Enter a description and special offers about your clinic and all your services offered. Our search will pick up everything you type in here. So make sure you use all the important keywords for your clinic. We also suggest to add the location suburb of your clinic in the text to get found easier.

You are allowed to add links to your homepage if you wish or even link some photos.

We review every listing before it appears on the site. We also will help you with the layout … so don’t worry when it looks a little funny. We will fix it.

The special offers section could be used for anything you want to highlight and which should standout.


massage clinc information and description


4. Massage clinic details

You have the option to enter more details about your clinic. Opening times, contact phone, contact email, your website, your Twitter and Facebook pages. All important features so that people can contact you and find more information about your clinic. We want that you benefit from our site and for that reason we make it easy to find your contact details.

massage clinic details

 5. Massage categories

We offer a category search on our website. Please select all your offered modalities to get found within the category. We have not limited the categories you can select.

You also can enter some keywords for your listing (up to 40 characters).

categories and massage keywords


6. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

A listing can standout when you upload a lot of pictures. We offer a great picture gallery with every listing. Each picture should have the format of 580 pixels by 480 pixels. In case you have trouble with the sizes just send us the pictures via email and we make them look good.

Just click the upload button and select as many pictures as you want. There is a limit of 2MB on the upload. Upload up to 10 pictures.

massage picture upload

When you have successfully uploaded the pictures you should see something like this:


Massage picture

7. Listing type and enter your contact information

You are newly done … all your information about your clinic is entered and you need to select your listing package.
You also have the option to enter a coupon code from our specials on out Facebook page and

The details in the “Publisher Information” section will be used to create your account and your confirmation email will be sent to this email address. Please make sure you enter a valid email address. 

Last but not least a simple CAPTCHA code to prevent spammers …



Select the package you want … Basic listing, Featured Listing or Premium Listing …


8. Review your listing

After you entered all the details you just need to push the green “Review Your Listing” button and wait a little bit.

review your massageplaces listing

Don’t worry when it does not look perfect … we check EVERY listing manual and fix it up …


9. Payment and publishing

On the next page you will see a little preview of your listing. When you are not happy with it or forgot something just click on “<< Go Back and Edit” and you will get to the previous page again.

If you are happy with the listing just select the payment method in the yellow box and push the “Pay & Publish” button.


In case you entered a valid 100% off voucher you will not be presented the payment options and just need to publish your listing.

 !!! IMPORTANT !!! Please make sure you push the PUBLISH button … otherwise all your entered information will be deleted. 



10. Confirmation


massage listing confirmation

Congratulations … you have submitted your listing to We will now review it (2-3 days) and then publish it on the website.

You also receive an email with your username and password to log on

When you had trouble entering information or couldn’t upload pictures feel free to contact us: ““.
We will help you and make sure your listing looks great.




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