Chivaran Thai Massage – Oaks Hotel Melbourne CBD

With a traditional Thai environment, Chivaran Thai Massage in Melbourne’s CBD offers an extensive range of alternative drug free therapies and unique holistic healing to heal your mind, body and spirit, and promote your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

We specialise in Chi Nei Tsang (Internal Organ Massage) with an experienced practitioner from Chiva-Som Thailand and offer Thai Therapeutic Massage, Thai Spiritual Healing, and Relaxing Thai Massage.

Our treatments:


The energy meridians of the body are identified in the pressure points of the feet. Thai foot reflexology massages deeper and stronger than foot massage. Massaging a specific part of the foot on particular pressure points helps to relieve blocked energy and stress, and promotes inner healing.

Ear Candling

Is a truly amazing healing technique. A hollow candle can get rid of impacted earwax, Candida infections and fungus. This treatment has the power to improve and return hearing, improve physical balance, cleanse the sinus cavities and drain the lymphatic system, cleanse toxins left by medications, eliminate ear pain, and promote healthier ears.

Thai Head, Neck & Shoulders Massage

Energetic hands, traditional Thai style, focus on pressure points to help release stress and tension in your head, neck and shoulders from repetitive working at computers, driving, talking on the phone or sitting for long periods of time. Siam Foot Massage Siam foot massage is a great stress reducer and natural healer stimulating parts of the foot that correspond to every organ of the body. Relieve your aching and tired feet from long days of standing or walking, and enjoy deep relaxation and the serenity of this luxurious foot massage to promote your health and balance your emotions.

Ancient Thai Massage

Ancient Thai massage is Thai holistic massage based on ancient knowledge of natural healing along Sens (energy lines). Your entire body will benefit from gentle pressure point massage and passive stretching. Dissolve your stress and tension, and encourage feelings of energy and peace.

Herbal Heat Therapy

Herbal heat therapy is a unique experience in our ancient Thai healing, a massage with a warm Thai compressed ball (a pouch stuffed with Thai herbs such as Plai, Turmeric, Kaffir lime, lemon grass etc. wrapped in Thai cotton.) It works miracles for blood circulation and assists lymphatic drainage. Most of all it is a secret path to the heart of rejuvenation.

Essence of Thai Herbal Oil Massage

Essence of Thai Herbal Oil Massage is a massage with a blend of essential oils extracted from Thai herbs and plants which eases muscle tension, relieves fatigue, increases stamina, and energises the body.

Parking in Melbourne CBD close to our massage clinic:

  • Oaks On Collins $9/hr

  • Car e Park on Francis St 
    MON-FRI $5/hr or $15/flat rate 6.00 am-8.00pm
    Closed SAT-SUN 

  • Car e Park on Flinders St (junction of King St & Flinders St) 
    MON-FRI Flat rate $12 
    After 4 pm MON-FRI $10 
    SAT-SUN $10 

  • Secure Parking 522 Flinders Ln 
    MON-FRI 3 hr $16+$2 per every hour 
    MON-FRI 4 pm-10 pm and SAT-SUN Flat rate $10 

  • SUNDAY Free Parking on streets

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2 Reviews

  1. Katie, 6 years ago

    I purchased a voucher through Spreets for Chivaran. I then tried to get in contact with this business, calling them 20 times, no less, patiently leaving a voicemail message each time, requesting a call back. Today I FINALLY got through to someone, only to have them abruptly tell me that my voucher has expired. I tried to explain that I have been trying to get through to them and have left many messages, however she insisted its expired and offered no help. I am now making a complaint to Spreets and would advise anyone against handing a cent over to either company. $49 for thin air.

       -   Reply
  2. Natalie, 6 years ago

    Mod: Comment not posted … please enter a valid email address.

       -   Reply

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