Arokaya Reun spa and Beauty – Richmond

Arokaya Thai Spa in Richmond

If you are looking for place for your relaxation and stress relief we are ensure that you found the right place. At Arokaya we are providing all the 5 senses since your first step. Sightseeing of traditional Thai spa, Music to clear your mind from all stresses, taste of quality Thai herbal teas, smell sensation from our herbs and a traditional massage from our experienced staffs. Please come and visit us.

Thai Massage in Richmond

Arokaya located in centre of bridge road shopping town. As we provide quality varieties massage and spa services by experienced professional staffs to ensure our value client receive best service as possible.

Aromatherapy Massage in Richmond

is a treatment that uses the aroma of essential oil and whole-body massage. Our special massage technique utilises our 100% pure essential oils to provide total healing of the mind and the body. We are offering the following four choices of aromatherapy massage:

Relaxing Massage in Richmond

Relaxing massage is a form of massage that we specialise in. It is a gentle and warm hand-massage for the whole body and uses all the beneficial properties of pure essential oils. This massage helps relieve everyday stress, anxiety and tension resulting in a state of complete physical and mental relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage in Richmond

Deep tissue massage is ideal for customers who wish to focus on muscle treatment. This type of massage combines of the Thai’s traditional pressure point technique with our basic relaxing massage. It incorporates blended essential oils which are made especially for this type of massage to enhance the treatment.

Revitalising Massage in Richmond

This revitalising or refreshing massage has been created to improve a person’s emotional, mental and physical state often affected by everyday life (eg stress, unhappiness, anxiety etc), or suffering from lack of self- confidence or motivation. The massage not only helps regain but also greatly increases the energy level to combat these debilitating conditions. We also recommend this massage to customers who are developing mild flu-like symptoms.

Stimulating Massage in Richmond

Stimulating massage is our specialty. It offers customers the option of creating their own favorite essential aroma oil to suit their need. By telling our staff what your beloved fragrance is, and how you feel at the time, we can individually arrange the most suitable aroma oil and massage to maximise your physical and mental well-being.

Royal thai Massage in Richmond

The traditional Thai Massage combines massage arts and science. Basically exponents of Thai massage often use several parts of their bodies such as palms, fingers elbows, knees or feet. This massage both relaxes and heals the body’s muscle through the use of pressure point technique and stretching. While the massage exercises several part of your body, it also stimulates the blood circulation thus giving your body total balance.


Foot Massage in Richmond

Generally, we use our Feet until the last day of our lives.
Thai people believe that feet are essential in that they
reflect the state of our whole body because they contain
important networks of nerves. By giving your feet a massage
can we can heal some inner ailments. We aim at achieving
excellent results. Thus, we begin the foot massage program by
placing your feet in herbal salt mixed with unique salt and herb.
This step will enable your feet to become more relaxed in
preparation for the massage.

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